DCCA Service Centre

We provide Support, Advocacy and Training for community members and outside agencies.  Most of our work consists of:

本中心為社區成員和外部機構提供協助,引導和培訓服務。 大部分工作包括:

  • Health Care Issues 醫療信息

  • Newsfeed 資訊

  • Hate Crime Prevention 預防仇恨犯罪

  • Training/Workshops 培訓

  • Support for the Disadvantaged  弱勢群體的支持

  • Social Care 社會護理

  • Information Clinics 講座

  • Cohesion Development 社區凝聚力

  • Cross Agency Collaborated Projects  跨機構合作項目

Don't forget to pop in and say hello when you're passing.  We have a weekly Drop in session every Wednesday so do come and join us!

What's happening at the centre...


The Drop- In provides a range of services specificially for our elderly members.

 The service requires no  appointment. Participants  are offered a complimentary

light lunch and opportunities to take part in the activities offered.

 The key purpose of this service is to provide support and to engage with our elders to help alleviate  feelings of

isolation and loneliness. 


Closed until further notice

Drop in