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 50 years of ongoing support...


Devon and Cornwall Chinese Association is a non-political, non-religious organisation formed to serve and represent the interests of those members of the Chinese community who recognise a common set of needs and wish to take positive action to achieve these aspirations.


We aim to enhance liaison between the Chinese community and the wider society, campaign for better benefits, organise recreational activities for the community,  work in collaboration with key organisations across the south west of England to promote positive working relationships to create a culture of mutual respect and understanding.  

  • To encourage integration of community members into the wider society

  • to provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of the Chinese community living in the South West

  • To promote the general welfare of members in Devon and Cornwall

  • To promote and preserve Chinese customs, culture and heritage

  • To support community members facing disadvantage to address the inequalities that they face and to enable them to participate fully in society


Devon and Cornwall Chinese Association (DCCA) was established on the 1st May 1975, and it was the only Chinese organisation in the South West of England.


The Chinese have a rich cultural heritage. We believe that many aspects of our Chinese culture are worthy of preservation and could be shared with other British communities, just as we could share in the richness of their cultures. 

Preparation work began in winter 1974, when a few eager colleagues gathered together during the Christmas holiday to discuss the proposal for a Chinese Association.  These few enthusiastic individuals were; the late Mr Kenny Kuet, the late Mr Michael Lee, the late Mr Ming Ying Wong, Mr Tom Wong and Mr See Lam Wong.  During the preparation period, Mr Tom Wong was selected to draft the rules and regulations and also for the naming of the organisation.  The intake of members to the proposed Association had also begun at this stage. (read more...)

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